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Career Counseling Quick Contact
Welcome to Pathfinder Career Guidance Portal!

Are you asking these Questions?

WHAT?: I am about to complete my High school, what should I do after High school?

WHEN?: When should I start planning my Career?

WHERE?: Where should I study to accomplish all my career goals?

WHY?: Why should I pursue this Career Option?

If any of these questions are going through your mind, then Pathfinder Career Counseling experts can help you.

Why Pathfinder?

There are a lot of places you can go for career guidance, so what makes our advice any different? None of what we do is guesswork. We use science to determine which careers suit you, and then our highly qualified Career Experts give you practical career guidance to get you on the right path. Whether you need help deciding on what to study after 10th standard or 12th or to choose a university, we offer you career advice you can actually use.

"If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan!
And guess what they have planned for you?
Not much.”

Steps to Follow:
  • First, you register with us and tell us your situation as well as how you want us to help you.

  • Second, we will guide you to attend an online or offline Psychometric Career Aptitude Test. This help us really get to know you – your skills, interests and of course, your personality.

  • Third, Pathfinder careers advisors (who are also qualified occupational psychologists) analyze the results of your aptitude test and discuss with you over the phone and determine which careers would suit you.

  • Fourth, you meet with one of our career advisors and have a one on one counseling with them and they then give you expert career guidance about what you should pursue and how to go about doing it.
Our Features:
Student Portal

All registered students will have an individual student portal which provides everything that you need to find the right career for you.

Career Aptitude Test

Standardized, Comprehensive and scientific Psychometric /Career Aptitude Test with detailed report

IQ Test

Know Your IQ by attending Pathfinder IQ Test, one of the best test of its kind

Individual Career Counseling

Start your career journey with Pathfinder and our highly qualified career counselors will show you the path to reach your destination.

Job Finder

This unique tool will help you to see how many jobs are currently available for your chosen career type.

Career Guidance for Schools

Career Aptitude Test and group counseling will help the school students to get a clear picture about their career path.

Entrance Examination

Access to more than 150 Entrance/Competitive examination for all classes.

University Ranking

Complete details and global ranking of more than 1000 Universities across the globe. Students will get access to the ranking of 789 Indian Universities and the courses that it offers.

College Ranking

National Ranking and details of the top 100 Colleges in India.

Innovative Technology

Pathfinder provides you the highly innovative career exploration tools which gives you prompt & accurate results just by a click.

Career Guidance Master

A simple Windows and Android application for all students to attend the Career Aptitude test and IO Test at home and choose the right career.

Career Library

Students will get access to more than 1500 career options in India & Abroad

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